Jinger Dixon

The Santa Barbara Moringa Farm, a part of the Dos Pueblos Permaculture Farm, was started in 2013 by Fred and Jinger Dixon with support of land owner Rosario Perry as a greenhouse restoration and soil remediation project. 

It is a thriving 20 acre working farm with 2.5 acres of perennial food forest, indoor tropical food forest and rescue barnyard. 

A classic contemporary small farm practicing regenerative agriculture, proceeds from the Santa Barbara Moringa Farm are used to fund further development of their eco-system rehabilitation project on the beautiful Gaviota coastline.

Use Facebook to learn more about the Santa Barbara Moringa Farm | 805-666-9094 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Lizards-200The Wild Farmlands Foundation is committed to building relationships between small wilderness farmers and their local communities.  We are actively looking for foundations, businesses, individuals, youth groups, schools, clubs and other organizations that want to partner with us to build a strong community of support for small wild farmlands.


chuy-250Small farms have the heritage, the knowledge, the heart and the opportunity to optimize and extend the delivery of premium quality produce to local communities while protecting and sustaining irreplaceable ecosystems for future generations. All Wild Farmlands farmer and advisor affiliates have agreed to formally associate themselves with the Foundation, our mission and vision.


CSS Logo 250x146The challenge of implementing innovations for the small sustainable farmer is not a lack of opportunity, but rather a lack of time and resources. Which innovations or practices will actually work under the specific conditions of each farm? The Wild Farmlands Best In Class program accelerates our affiliate farmers' access to proven beneficial sustainable and natural agricultural innovations and practices. 


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