The first annual "Wild Tarantula Trails" adventure on Restoration Oaks Ranch was fabulous!! Our group of 25 found 6 wild tarantulas, and four of the six were courting, so it was quite a show!

For the brave, we picked up a couple of our fuzzy arachnid friends and let them gently walk from hand to hand until everybody that wanted to, got a chance to have a tarantula walk on them. The Tarantula's Hand-Walking behavior is amazing to experience.

Want to join us next year? It looks like we will have 3 hikes in October, depending on how the sign-ups for the first event go. You can CLICK HERE to sign up now for the 2018 Wild Tarantula Trails hikes.

Check out our gallery. Man, this was so fun...

2017 Tarantula Trails


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