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Carbon Management, Sustained Ecosystem Regeneration, Climate-Adapted Land Management, Food Security and the Worldwide Importance of the Small Farm Sector

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Carbon Management, Sustained Ecosystem Regeneration, Climate-Adapted Land Management, Food Security and the Worldwide Importance of the Small Farm Sector

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Unlike the United States and most developed (richer) countries of the world, many people living in urban, rural and wilderness regions of Uganda and equatorial Africa do not have access to the global food system, with its sophisticated refrigeration and advanced transportation. Many people are undernourished, some are literally starving to death.

Uganda Map 250Ugandan born Barnabas Mwesiga has a dream: To feed his people and train them to be self-sufficient through small village farms. A Christian man who is acting on his faith, his dream is about hope. Hope for an economically strong future and a spiritually and physically well-fed equatorial Africa. 

His family's farm is the Migisha Farm. Migisha means "blessing". The farm features 60 small food gardens (so far), two fish ponds, chickens, cattle and a piggery.

The crops, cows, chickens, pigs and fish being raised and harvested here are also being used to train locals to be farmers that grow and sell their own food. The Migisha Farm is a dual purpose farm, feeding the local community and serving as an education and demonstration farm. 


The Barnabas Project Video

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This moving video was shot on location in Uganda and shown publicly for the first time at a fundraiser hosted at Restoration Oaks Ranch on June 11th, 2017. 

Barnabas Uganda Projects & Programs

Barnabas and his Ebeneezer team of leaders are working to build farms, feed people and train them how to grow food for sustenance and profit. Nationals reaching nationals.

Farming & Feeding Programs
Sustainability requires resources and know-how. Recent graduates are feeding slum children and the poor as they train willing entreprenuers in regions of Azmbia, Malawi, Keny, Liberia Tanzania, and Botswana.

The Migisha Farm
Barnabas's family farm continues to be a focal point for developing feeding and farming programs that can be taught and replicated in other areas of equatorial Africa. Like any farmer or rancher, Barnabas and his team continue to look for better ways to grow and distribute food. In equatorial Africa, it starts with food to sustain life first, then for economic development.

Sports Outreach
As a younger man, Barnabas Mwesiga was a renowned goal-scorer for the Ugandan national soccer team. Like many places in the world, equatorial Africans love soccer, and many know who Barnabas is. Barnabas and his team use his reputation and authority as a world cup soccer player to build trust and develop relationships in new communities through soccer clinics and activities. Some of these efforts draw in hundreds of people at a time, and some of these students and participants become the trained farmers and entreprenuers that feed their community and grow their local economy.


Fundraising for the Barnabas Uganda Projects

The Annual African Party on the Ranch
Every year, we hold a fundraiser for Barnabas on Restoration Oaks Ranch. A lively event with African cuisine, toe-tapping marimba music, a silent auction and a videotaped interview presentation about Barnabas's work in Africa, this is the best way to learn and engage with his work in Uganda.


In-Kind Contributions
Want to particpate in the work Barnabas is doing in Africa but can't make it to the fundraiser? We greatly appreciate relevant in-kind contributions to the annual fundraising event, including silent auction items. For questions about the fundraiser and potential in-kind contributions, contact Shay at 805-886-7919 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

American dollars go a long way in Uganda. 




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