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Unlike the United States and most developed (richer) countries of the world, many people living in urban, rural and wilderness regions of Uganda do not have access to the global food system, with its sophisticated refrigeration and advanced transportation. Many people are undernourished, some are literally starving to death.

Uganda Map 250Ugandan born Barnabas Mwesiga has a dream: To feed his people and train them to be self-sufficient through small village farms. His dream is about hope. Hope for a well-fed, economically strong future.

The initial stages of the Migisha Farm, in progress on a plot of land in the Mbarara District of Uganda, includes 60 small food gardens, two fish ponds, chickens and a piggery.

The crops, cows, chickens, pigs and fish being raised and harvested here are also being used to train locals to be farmers that grow and sell their own food. Like the Restoration Oaks Showcase Regenerative Farm, Barnabas' farm is serving the local community as an education and demonstration farm. 

The Barnabas Project Video

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This moving video was shot on location in Uganda and shown publicly for the first time at a fund-raiser hosted at The Showcase Regenerative Farm on June 11th, 2017.


2018 Opportunities to Give

2018 contributions to the Barnabas Project will be assigned to the needs listed below:

 Garlic Seedlings $1,800 
Chicken Droppings- 200 bags of 100kg each $400 
Mulch  $1,665 
Transportation for above  $500 
Fencing Materials $8,000 
Labor $1,200 
Constructing two 75 x 30 foot Shelters $1,500 
Gravity Water Pump $1,700 
Di-Grow Fertilizer, 2 5-Litre Jelly Cans $300 
Total 2018 Budget: $15,500  

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