RegenFarm 740Restoration Oaks Ranch, Site #1, Water Cycle Regeneration Project

The Showcase Regenerative Farm is a small UPick berry farm & cattle ranch prominently located on California's heavily traveled Highway 101 that is being developed to educate people and actively demonstrate what is possible with regenerative agricultural practices on food-producing landscapes.

The Wild Farmlands Foundation, Restoration Oaks Ranch, Rocking L7 Cattle Company and Santa Barbara Blueberries are collborators in developing the Showcase Regenerative Farm for the following purposes:

  1. To raise awareness about the value of small, independently owned & operated farms and ranches and their ecosystems to food systems and the earth.
  2. To educate the public, especially youth, about the environmental benefits of managed regenerative agriculture on small farms & ranches.
  3. To implement & sustain innovations and practices that actively demonstrate that, almost anywhere, we can strengthen the agricultural and ecological resources of even brittle lands
  4. To share our enjoyment of the land.

The Showcase Regenerative Farm will strengthen & sustain the agricultural and ecological resources of the landscape and educate the public about the benefits of regenerative agriculture and localized ecology stewardship through four related long-term initiatives.


Our Four Long-Term Initiatives:

Healthy Soils

Education Landscape

Renewable Energy

Native Wildlife


On a natural regenerative farm, you can eat leafy greens or carrots right out of the ground. You can eat nuts, fruits & berries right off the tree, bush or cane. You can see and hear red-tailed hawks in courtship overhead or feel the worms and bugs wriggle in a handful of healthy soil. You can hear the gentle buzzing of hundreds of bees and other pollinators feeding all around you. 

By welcoming people, especially youth, onto the farm to see and smell and touch and hear and feel the working farm and ranch land, we enable them to personally appreciate the difference between a degraded landscape and one that is naturally regenerating and in synch with the environment- with just a little guidance from its human stewards.



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