Paul Warkentin

Overlooking Santa Barbara and Goleta, Vista Del Mundo is a beautiful wild farmland located on a historic piece of land. Paul Warkentin and his family acquired the beautiful Rancho Vista Del Mundo after the devastating Jesusita fire charred much of the landscape with a renewed commitment to bring the ranch up to its agricultural potential. 

The good news for their farming operation is that the fire burn areas will provide a fuel break protecting the structures and most of the wild farmlands from fires of this magnitude many years into the future. Throughout it's canyons, ridges and mountains, Rancho Vista Del Mundo has a multitude of distinct growing micro-climates. The farm produces more than 20 different varieties of fruit and specialty flowers, including avocados, tangerines, lemons, limes, protea flowers, bananas and even cherimoyas!



Rancho Vista Del Mundo
6521 Cordoba Rd. #2
Goleta, CA 93117

(805) 680-9906
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