Jesse Smith (with Phoe)

Jesse Smith is a regenerative agriculture practitioner, designer and consultant, and partner at Casitas Valley Farm. Their team is developing a multi-enterprise system that uses Permaculture principles of design to build soil (Social, Living, Cultural, Intellectual, Experiential, Spiritual, Material, Financial), and local food resiliency.

Casitas Valley Farm is a 50-acre farm located between Carpinteria and Ojai. Their system includes Avocados, Persimmons, Apples, a bio-intensive market garden, heritage breed piggery, and a pastured bird operation. Jesse is part of a team that is in the process of trialing innovative techniques to close waste streams, regenerate hydrological cycles, reduce energy inputs and increase market access to local, delicious, nutrient dense food.



Casitas Valley Farm
4620 Casitas Pass Road
Ventura, CA 93001

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