Tom Shepherd

Hey, ever heard of "Shepherd's Salad? Guess who packaged and sold the first Shepherds Salad? Yep, local farmer Tom Shepherd...

A fifth-generation Santa Barbara resident, Tom Shepherd has been farming organically in the area since 1973. One of the earliest members of the Santa Barbara Certified Farmers Market Association, Shepherd has committed himself to inspiring children, families, and schools to grow their own gardens and eat locally. Tom even published A Handbook for Citizen Farmers, an illustrated book that helps tell the story of growing your own garden.

“The handbook was a project I worked on with my wife during a road trip,” said Shepherd. “We wanted to teach children from a young age the joys of farming and gardening. The response has been very encouraging.” Committed to education, Shepherd Farms frequently offers farm tours and other experiential learning opportunities.

“There is definitely magic in growing your own food,” said Shepherd. “We have several kids that work weekly on the farm with their parents. It is a great experience, and it feels wonderful to furnish this space for young people to learn.”

“I love working the markets and seeing the locals,” said Shepherd. “It’s fun talking to people and preaching about organics!”


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