To meet our goals of propagating innovative, profitable sustainable growing practices among small farms and educating our communities about wild farmlands, the Wild Farmlands Foundation welcomes relationships with non-farm affiliates and collaborators in the Wild Farmlands Alliance.

Opportunities for collaborators would include on-farm guest speaking engagements, demonstrations of equipment and sustainable farming practices, wildlife management techniques, guided tours and discussions of active and proposed ecosystem and wildlife preservation programs. 

The primary beneficiaries of the Wild Farmlands Alliance are our affiliate farms, youth groups and schools, sustainable food advocacy groups and the interested general public. The types of Alliance collaborators we are looking for:

  • Sustainable & organic agriculture vendors and manufacturers
  • Sustainable & organic fresh food markets
  • Sustainable & organic agriculture experts
  • Wildlife, plant life, insect, pollinator & ecosystem experts
  • Private and University of California Co-op agronomists & advisors
  • Nature conservancy groups with a focus on youth

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