This program provides affiliated Wild Farmlands Foundation (WFF) Farmers with full or offset funding and materials for uplift projects that lower the risk and/or increase the food quality and yield of small farms while preserving wild farmlands ecosystems. Our focus is on new practices and innovations across our Areas of Support and Advocacy, particularly agro-technologies and new sustainable or organic materials. Every WFF project will present opportunities to educate the local community while promoting the affiliate farms and partners of the Wild Farmlands Foundation.

  • WFF Funding for Grower Projects: Via sponsorships and direct WFF funding, we provide funding for crop and practice-specific grower projects, innovative agro-technologies, farming supplies and sustainable or certified organic materials.
  • WFF Affiliate Marketing and Co-Branding: For both the grower projects and community outreach, the WFF provides marketing in the form of press releases, articles, shared website posts, social media, ads, collateral and other media when appropriate and available.

Affiliate farms participate in programs and projects at the level that makes the most sense to them. Every farm in the WFF benefits from the involvement of all the other affiliated farms.


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