ApeelSciencesApeel Sciences creates products from natural plant extracts that allow growers to reduce reliance on pesticides, increase produce quality and crop yield, and provide superior shelf life without refrigeration.

We are excited about the possibility of pesticide-free farming that innovative companies like Apeel Sciences are bringing to contemporary agriculture.

Molecular Camouflage- The End Game For Pests?

Exciting new companies like Apeel Sciences™ are changing the face of agriculture, and the affiliates of the Wild Farmlands Foundation are honored to be active participants in the testing and advancement of these innovations as they are perfected.

Our farmers' favorite innovation out of Apeel Sciences™ is Invisipeel™. Based on the simple idea that bacteria, fungi, and insects all identify food sources via recognition of specific molecules on produce surfaces, Invisipeel™ works by fortifying these surfaces with an ultra-thin layer of chemically-contrasting molecules, rendering these foods unrecognizable to pests.

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