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The hike and talk is targeted to youth ages 8 - 17, although all age groups are welcome. We will do our best to answer any and all questions about these wonderful arachnids and their native ecosystem during the hike, capture and release of these gentle giants.

In the fall, normally nocturnal male tarantulas come out during the late afternoon and look for dancing partners. This activity sometimes draws the interest of the tarantula hawk (a very formidable insect) and some spider-eating birds, which we may also catch a glimpse of. We will catch a live wild spider, discuss it, let it do some spider walking on our hands (for those who dare...), then let it loose into the wild oak woodlands again. If we are lucky, we will see pairs of tarantulas courting.

Bring water, a shade hat, a jacket and some comfortable walking shoes. The hike will be no more than 1/2 mile on uneven but level ground. We will be talking about common California tarantulas, their habitat, courting, prey and predators. 

Grab the kids and join us for a unique outdoor experience. We promise your family will remember this a lot longer than the latest Avengers movie. Sorry Spider-Man.... 



Social distancing by family/friend units will be required. Masks are not required as the entire hike will be outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine. We will have soap and water and hand sanitizer available. Please do not use hand sanitizer before the hike, as it may harm the spiders. We believe everyone on the hike will be observant and respectful of others. This year, the tour guide will bring the tarantulas to each family unit separately.

We will have super cool and groovy Wild Tarantula Trails T-shirts available for sale on the hikes and at the SB Blueberries Farm Store.

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Wild Farmlands on Restoration Oaks Ranch
1980 US Highway 101, Gaviota CA 93117



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