FoodFarmAdventuresGerri French has been an advocate of small farms and good food for a long time. She has been a clinical nutritionist, nutrition educator and cooking instructor for the past 35 years. She currently works as a nutritionist and diabetes educator at Sansum Clinic and is the nutrition instructor for the Culinary Arts Program at Santa Barbara City College as well as an instructor for the Center for Lifelong Learning. 

GerriFrench 150Gerri is the creator an the popular Santa Barbara Food & Farm Adventures where like minded people tour farms and taste freshly picked local foods, and is the former Food and Nutrition Editor of Diabetes Health magazine.

She specializes in translating the latest scientific findings into practical info for her clients and students. Her passion is talking with people about culinary medicine and preparing local, organic earth friendly cuisine and the LOVE Food Plan.

Learn more about Santa Barbara Food and Farm Adventures  | 805-705-8248
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