CSS Logo 250x146Harvest-to-Harvest™ Organic is an organic certified, stabilized soil food and fertilizer that is derived from recycled supermarket organics. Harvest-to-Harvest™ Organic is a "food hydrolysate", which means that it is the product of the digestion of food with enzymes into a liquid fertilizer. Harvest-to-Harvest™ contains complex forms of nutrients, including: carbohydrates, amino acids (proteins), organic acids, and fats. These complex sources of nutrition are a reliable source of nutrients and energy for soil organisms and plants.

20 – 25% of Harvest-to-Harvest™ Organic is organic matter. It has a very small particle size of 26 micron on average, and 74 micron maximum, so it can be easily applied through any existing irrigation equipment. The small particle size along with its low C:N ratio make the organic matter readily consumable by soil organisms. The organic matter in H2H contributes to nutrient mineralization, greater root mass, more efficient nutrient uptake and greater water holding capacity in the soil.

Harvest-to-Harvest™ is certified 100% pathogen free and safe for use on all crops.

            1. Reduces fertilizer costs
            2. Increases crop yield
            3. Improves soil health
            4. Reduces water usage
            5. Improves the ecosystem

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