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The 2012 USDA Census of Agriculture reported more than 25 million acres of farmland and 77,857 farms in the state of California. 63,000 of these California farms are small farms of less than 180 acres. In the 1997 Census, there were 71,000 small farms in California. This represents an average loss of more than 533 farms per year and a total loss of 8,000 small farms over 15 years. Many of California’s small farms are in or on the edge of wilderness areas with beautifully diverse native flora and fauna. These special ecosystems are wild farmlands.

Wild farmlands uniquely accommodate and preserve ecosystems while they supply quality food to local communities. Wild farmlands personify natural sustainable agriculture in California, yet they have gotten little recognition or support from the media, government initiatives, the green industry or the environmental movement. California is losing her wild farmlands. The Wild Farmlands Foundation would like to change this.


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